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Juan Miguel Aguilera

Juan Miguel Aguilera is a renowned science fiction author. He established his reputation in 1987 when he published (in partnership with Javier Redal) Mundos en al abismo (Worlds in the Abyss), which was followed by Hijos de la eternidad (Children of Eternity) and El Refugio (The Refuge). Other notable works by him include La llave del mal (The Evil Key, Premio Julio Verne), La locura de Dios (God’s Madness) and Contra el tiempo (Against Time, both winners of the Premio Ignotus) and La red de Indra (Indra’s Net, winner of the Premio Celsius 2010 during the Black Week of Gijón).



La zona

The Zone

A gripping technothriller about our deepest, most irrational fears and the threat posed by an increasingly inhuman world.

Publishing date: 12 January 2012